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1962 – our first Poodle „Dodo“.

I discovered my love of Poodles through my parents. We got our first Poodle, Dodo, in 1962. He was supposed to be a Dwarf  Poodle but he didn’t have a pedigree, and in the end he turned out to be a Standard Poodle. When Dodo died at  12 years of age we immediately wanted another Poodle, but this time it was really to be a Dwarf Poodle. And so our first purebred silver Dwarf Poodle with a pedigree of the VDP-Poodle Association came into our home: “Hannibal von der Lunaburg” from Frau Lefevre’s kennel in Offenburg. Within the following three years we fetched two more silver Poodles from Frau Lefevre, the Dwarf Poodle Gonzales and the Miniature Poodle Ingo.


1977 - Our silbernen Zwergpudel                   1979 - the silberne Zwergpudel

Hanniball und Ingo von der Lunaburg            Gonzales von der Lunaburg



We then joined the Baden-Baden group of the VDP-Poodle Association, and we also showed Hannibal and Ingo von der Lunaburg at dog shows with some success. That’s when I first caught the show-bug.


My very first own Poodle was “Rockahulla Baby vom Badener Rebland” (Ulla), and I purchased her in April 1995 from the breeder Andrea Ernst in Baden-Baden. Ulla was  a black Miniature Poodle with a great character, and although she was then only just four months old, she sparkled with charm and charisma. Ulla was from a litter of the Russian stud dog “Millamarten Bonaparte” bred to “Miss Moneypenny vom Badener Rebland”, and she turned into a show dog  “par excellence”. She loved going to Shows and could hardly wait until she sat in the car in the mornings and departed on our trip to the respective venue. I fetched numerous titles at many shows with Ulla. She became an International Champion, and her greatest success was when she won BIS - 3  at the International All-Breed CACIB Show in Leipzig.


As I wanted to breed with Ulla, I applied with the FCI  (International Canine Federation) for a kennel prefix. At that time I was still involved with riding my own horse, and so I thought of naming my kennel “Pudel vom Schaukelpferdchen”  (“Poodles of the Rocking Horse”). This prefix was then approved by the FCI.  Now I was able to start making plans for my breeding program.


My foundation bitch and multi-Champion

„Rockahulla Baby vom Badener Rebland“,

aka Ulla , born on 18.12.1994.


I built up my hobby kennel with my foundation bitch,the black Miniature Poodle “Rockahulla Baby vom Badener Rebland” aka Ulla. When selecting a stud dog, I always go about it very conscientiously and above all I look for a healthy dog with a good temperament. For my first litter I mated Ulla to the stud dog “Rush Mix Pouligny-Montrachet owned by the Artmann family in Denmark. From this litter I kept the bitch Abigail who I successfully showed at home and abroad, and she became International, Dutch, and Russian Champion as well as winning numerous other titles.



Multi-Champion „Abigail vom Schaukelpferdchen“ won, among others, the Russian Championtitle at the PoodleSpecialty Show in Moscow in 2000







Multi-Champion „Britney vom Schaukelpferdchen“

became the „Best Miniature Bitch“  at the 2006

 Nationale d’Elévages Show in Nantes, Frankreich.


 When I bred Ulla for the second time, I once again drove to Denmark but this time to the stud dog “Kertella’s Mister Bogart” owned by the Warming family.  From this litter I decided to keep two bitches, Britney and Betsey vom Schaukelpferdchen. Betsey stayed under 35 cm in height, so I got her re-registered as a Dwarf poodle. Both bitches had very successful show careers and became multiple champions.



Multi-Champion „Betsey vom Schaukelpferdchen“ at the 2006

National Poodle Specialty show  “ Nationale d’Elévages”   in  Nantes, France, where she won  „Best in Show“





 Multi-Champion “Bentley vom Schaukelpferdchen”,owned by

Tanya Poschadl,  at the  2007 Nationale d’Elévages Show  in Strasbourg, where he won the “Best in Show”“ title.


 “Bentley vom Schaukelpferdchen”, owned by the Poschadl family, a litter brother to Britney and Betsey, also turned into avery handsome dog and was shown with great success winning, among others, the French Champion title


                                                                Multi-Champion„Cassie vom Schaukelpferdchen“

                                                                at the  International CACIB Show 2007 in Brüssel


Next I had my Dwarf Poodle Betsey von Schaukelpferdchen mated with Ute Eberhard’s stud dog  “Yack Pot der Schwarze Quirl” . From the produce I kept the Dwarf bitch  “Cassie vom Schaukelpferdchen”. Cassie inherited the same  outgoing personality and charm of hergrandmother Ulla, and so she was able to win multiple champion titles in several European countries, among others in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. Her greatest achievement was becoming a World Championat the World Dog Show in Poznan, Poland in 2006 where she also went on to win the BOB. 

Cassie’s beautiful brown litter mate “Chiara vom Schaukelpferdchen”, owned by Irma Knöller, also got good results at severalexhibitions.



Chiara vom Schaukelpferdchen


I bred Cassie to the stud dog “Toyway Walk the Line“ owned by Marianne van de Bult-Slooijer from the Netherlands, and from this litter I kept “Fly Girl vom Schaukelpferdchen”. Fly Girl was also successfulat many national and international shows and has won multiple championshiptitles.



 Multi - Champion Fly Girl vom Schaukelpferdchen


For Cassie’s second mating I chose the stud “Don Giovani Des Heches De l’icowned by Michel Boissard in France, and from this litter I kept the bitch “Gladys vom Schaukelpferdchen”. Gladys has in the meantime already won several championship titles at national and international exhibitions.


 Multi- Champion Gladys vom Schaukelpferdchen


When it comes to breeding I have always believed that quality is more important than quantity. Therefore I never keep more than a few bitches from good lines. I aim to breed top quality, sound and healthy Poodles who captivate you with their outstanding conformation, head, expression and temperament. I set up the basis for my stock with my foundation bitch “Rockahulla vom Badner Rebland (Ulla).


Naturally we keep all our older dogs and they can enjoy their well-deserved years of retirement with us.


My plans for the future are to continue caring for and enjoying life with my Poodles. As long as my time and health permit, I shall continue running my small Poodle kennel. I shall always strive to breed Poodles that meet the requirements of the breed standard as closely as possible. This way I hope to achieve a few more matings between carefully selected parent dogs to produce healthy puppies with good temperaments, inorder to improve and maintain this wonderful breed.














































Abigail vom Schaukelpferdchen

Bentley vom Schaukelpferdchen


Britney vom Schaukelpferdchen



Betsey vom Schaukelpferdchen

Cassie vom Schaukelpferdchen

 Fly Girl  v.  Schaukelpferdchen

Gladys vom Schaukelpferdchen


Holly vom Schaukelpferdchen